Halloween Cupcakes

Disclaimer: This is not my recipe all the credit goes to Handle the Heat linked: here

This Halloween I had an amazing time making cupcakes! I haven’t had cupcakes probably in years, and haven’t made them in a longer time! Fun fact: cupcakes are what got me into baking. I used to love making cupcakes randomly or for an occasion. There’s so many flavors and ways to dress up or down cupcakes, plus they are a fun little cake! When I saw these Handle the Heat Halloween cupcakes I had to make them, they were so cute! Not to mention this chocolate cupcake was the best I’ve tasted and maybe ever had! These cupcakes were so fun to make, maybe cupcake decorations are my calling.

Notes: I used Handle the Heat best buttercream recipe linked and her best chocolate cupcake recipe linked. For the vanilla cupcakes I used Preppy Kitchen’s recipe linked

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