St. Patrick’s Day celebration

Wow, my St. Patrick’s Day was absolutely amazing this year. I have to share the recipes! Everything tasted like my childhood celebrations at my grandma’s house. That’s the magical thing about food, it can take you back to memories you cherished. I love celebrating St. Patrick’s day and making food that brings me closer to my ancestors.

Corned Beef Recipe

This corned beef was amazing and so easy! I was hesitant to put it in the instant pot at first, because I’m always skeptical about instant pot vs slow cooking for tender meat. I am glad to say my expectations were over met with this recipe! It tastes just like my grandma would make for St. Patrick’s day growing up and I couldn’t have been happier. I did my little happy dance while eating this and will be making this recipe of corned beef years to come! (link to recipe)

Crispy Roasted Potatoes

I love this potato recipe because it makes some of the best crispy potatoes I’ve ever had. Originally I had these last Easter for breakfast, which is the original recipe “Perfectly Crispy Roasted Breakfast Potatoes,” all you have to do for the ones I had for St. Patrick’s day is get rid of all the seasoning recipe and just do salt, pepper, and dried rosemary. This recipe is very interchangeable with taste, just make sure you use the cooking oil and her cooking method. It couldn’t be more easy! (link to recipe)

Irish Cabbage and Bacon

Let’s talk about cabbage now! Cabbage is a really big part of Irish culture, we absolutely love it in my family. This, like many other dishes in this meal reminded me of the cabbage and bacon I would have growing up. The recipe is very easy, just sauté the bacon and then add the cabbage to boil. Simple, yet so good, definitely recommend this recipe for my classic Irish Cabbage lovers! (link to recipe)

Irish Soda Bread

Last but certainly not least is the soda bread! I love making soda bread, like many others, because it comes together very fast and doesn’t require much technique. If you are someone that wants to get into bread making or is just intimidated by it, this is the recipe for you. I have actually made this exact recipe two years in a row now and I love it. The dough is soft but not airy and always gets perfectly golden brown. I like to add 1 cup of raisins to the bread, but it is up to you! (link to recipe)

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