Baby Shower Sugar Cookies

How cute are these? I made them last weekend for a family friend’s baby shower. I really enjoy decorating and improving my icing skills this way. First, it’s a fun way to celebrate and secondly, I love seeing people’s reactions to what I create. I used a different royal icing this time: Royal Icing Recipe. And oh my goodness it made a huge improvement! I usually have trouble with my icing bleeding into each other after a day, but her instructions and 15-second rule made all of the difference. I have to get used to it still, compared to my old royal icing, but I can say this had such a better outcome! I really enjoyed reading her techniques and how she gets hers the perfect consistency. I always wondered what the difference between bakeries royal icing vs mine, and how they get it not to bleed. Let me tell you “thebearfootbaker” helped me crack the code! This sugar cookie recipe is still my favorite, recipe can be found: Disney Cookies.

Notes: Cookie decoration credit- ,

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