About Me

Hello, I’m Liz!

I love exploring new desserts and techniques in baking. I started baking going into my sophomore year of college. I found it as a great meditation to get out of the stressors of college. I have always had a huge sweet tooth, and everyone knows me for it! Over the years my love of baking has flourished into a full-blown hobby and a huge part of my life. I try to bake every week something new and challenge myself with a new technique. I love learning about baking science and why baked goods react the way they do. I have yet to dip my toe into making my own recipes regularly, but don’t be surprised if you see one or two from time to time! 

On my weekdays I am an UI/UX Designer at a corporate company. Baking helps manage my stress levels and get into a present state. I hope you have fun exploring my baked good as much as I love making them. If you ever make something that you saw on my site please email me lizzysweetkitchen@yahoo.com or tag me on my Instagram @lizzysweetkitchen, I would absolutely love to see it!